Tube Manipulation


Tube manipulation and Services: -
We have over twenty-five years of experience in the Design, Supply and Installation of Pipework systems to the major oil and chemical companies' worldwide on ships, oil rigs and land installations. Working from our stock materials of 90/10 CuNiFe, Aluminium brass, Steel and Stainless steel enables us to decrease the "turnaround" time to the advantage of our customers.

With our fully comprehensive workshop and outside contracting facilities and with experience in the manipulation of Tubes in ALL materials we are leaders in our field.

We are specialists in the production of bespoke Cargo and Product heating systems from initial concept to the final installation and testing to Class / Third Party approval. This service includes visiting the site to obtain the required data, production of drawings, from which we submit our quotation, manufacture of all heating coils, grids, control systems and associated equipment, after which we will pre-fabricate the equipment in our workshops, transport to site and install.

We offer: -

Pipe manipulation and fabrication, including low temperature and cryogenic applications
Heating coils and Grids.
Inert gas systems from conception to installation.
Installations (includes ALL Fabricated steelwork and Pipe clips).

Repair work, to ANY system, in ANY material undertaken whether the vessel is in dock or at sea.